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What is the PUBLIK Plan?

The PUBLIK Health Plan is a product of Viking Benefit solutions. It offers Health, Dental and Travel Benefits for individuals who have retired, aged out of benefits, lost benefits, or are looking for additional coverage. 

Is coverage individual or combined?

If a couple joins the PUBLIK Plan all coverage is individual. For example if you join the Elite plan you each will receive $7,500 of prescription coverage and this is not combined. 

Who can join?

Anyone who is retiring, aging out of benefits, losing benefits and apply within 60 days of losing their group benefit coverage. You are eligible to choose the Deluxe, Elite, Premier or Lite Plan with or without dental and no medical, all pre-existing conditions included and guaranteed acceptance?

Can I pay with direct pay?

With our platform, you will have access to everything you need directly on your computer or smart device. At your Dentist, Pharmacy, or paramedical services, you can direct bill your prescriptions and services, no need to pay up front.

Can I join if it has been more than 60 days from losing benefits?

If the PUBLIK Health Plan has an open enrollment active, individuals who have retired more than 60 days can join the PUBLIK Plan with no medical, no pre-existing clauses and guaranteed acceptance. The plans options are the Opportunity, Elite and Deluxe Plans all with or without dental. Email publik@vikingbenefit.ca or call 306-682-1615 to confirm if there is an open enrollment active.  

Do the prices online include tax?

Yes, the prices online include tax and all applicable fees. There are no additional charges. 

I currently have active work benefits or another plan, can I purchase the PUBLIK Plan as a secondary plan?

Yes, if you feel you need additional coverage, more than you have offered with a work plan you can purchase the PUBLIK Plan as a secondary plan offering top up coverage. 

How often can I expect a rate increase, and does the PUBLIK Plan use the process of age banding?
We like to keep things simple, so we developed a plan that is the same price for everyone. We do not age band. 
If you are on the Premier Plan at the age of 40 or 60 your rate does not increase, everyone pays the same. You are not penalized because you had a birthday or you used the plan. The Publik Retiree Health Plans still experiences the same pressures that all other plans do, such as inflation, rising drug costs, increased administration requirements, claims, and insurance costs, but we do not experience jumps in premium due to age banding.
Can I change plans if my income or health changes, and will pre- existing conditions remain to be covered?

We understand that your health insurance needs change as you age. That’s why we decided to allow your benefits to change with you. Every two years on the plan, you have the option to move up or down one plan level or add or delete dental. That way you aren’t stuck with the same plan for the rest of your life. When you make the change there is no medical and all pre-existing conditions are covered. As an existing member you also have the option to go “up” or add dental,  if we have an open enrollment that is active. 

What Formulary is used for claim adjudication on prescription drugs?

The PUBLIK Plan adjudicates with a comprehensive drug plan. Unlike many others, the PUBLIK Plan used the Telus National Formulary, giving you a wider spectrum of coverage. 

If I move to another province can I take my plan with me or do I need to apply for new coverage?

If you decide to move provinces in the future you can take your benefits with you. That being said, each province has difference premium costs, but you can take your benefit plan with you. You must start your coverage in Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Alberta but you can take it with you if you move to one of those provinces.

What happens if the primary member passes away can a spouse remain on the plan?

Yes, if the primary member passes away the spouse can choose to continue with the PUBLIK Plan as a single. No medical is required. 

Is Travel Insurance Extra or Included on all of the plans?

All plans ( Deluxe, Elite, Premier, Lite & Opportunity Plans), include 90 days travel insurance and $5 million coverage per trip not per lifetime. The Carrier is Orion Travel, and it is included until the age of 80.

Stability clauses can be found in your booklet. If you require additional top up coverage, please reach out to Viking prior to departing from your home province. If one member is 80 on the plan and the spouse is 75 the 75-year-old still has coverage until their 80th birthdate even if the primary aged out of coverage. We also offer additional travel coverage to our PUBLIK members.
Are University and Disabled Children coverage available?

If you have a child attending University and under the age of 25, they can join up under your benefits as a Family Plan. When they age out, we have options for them to continue their own coverage. Children who are disabled can remain on the plan under you if you have a Government Support Letter. Documentation for both will be required to have active benefits.

Is there waiting periods and deductibles on coverage?

All plan enhancements are applicable to all existing members, so everyone gets to benefit from our ingenuity and commitment to making our plans the best they can be. No waiting period and you can start using the plan the day you request coverage to begin. You can join on September 1st and go to the dentist September 1st. No deductibles.

How are my premiums collected?

On the application you will provide a void cheque. Your premiums are collected monthly on the 10th of each month. 

What is the amount of each plans Drug Coverage?
Each Plan has a different amount of drug coverage. This is the same for all provinces.
Deluxe $10,000 @ 90%
Elite $7,500@ 90%
Opportunity $5,000 @ 80%
Premier $5,000 @ 80%
Lite $2,500 @ 80%
Can my premiums be deducted on my income tax?
Your premiums are individually paid not employer paid. You are paying the premiums and you may deduct the cost of your premiums on your income tax under medical expenses. Please confirm with your accountant your personal situation. 
I am retiring and I am being offered bridging options for a period of time after retirement. What date do I need to sign up for the PUBLIK Plan?

You need to be enrolled and started on the plan within 60 days of your bridging option sending unless we have an active open enrollment.